2020 AGM Notice

By February 2, 2021 March 11th, 2021 ESFA, News

The UNSW FC Annual General meeting will be held on March 1 2021. As a result of Covid19 we will be hosting via zoom as well as being physically located at The Juniors Kingsford. If you do wish to attend in person, please contact president@unswfc.com.au as there will be limited spaces available. The zoom link will be sent out prior to March 1. 

In accordance with the UNSW FC constitution which can be found on our website, all committee roles will be declared vacant at this meeting. UNSW FC would like to fill the general committee roles in 2021 according to functions necessary to the running of the club. An outline of function and description of responsibilities is provided in Appendix A.  If you would like to nominate for a role please email secretary@unswfc.com.au with the role you wish to nominate.

The Functions are as follows:

  • Community Engagement 
    • Act as representatives of the various divisions of UNSW FC  e.g  ESFA, WNPL, MNPL representatives 
    • Drive member engagement of UNSW FC activities through club events throughout calendar year 
  • Operations & Administration
    • General operational and administrative support for the club e.g. equipment stewardship, ARC sport liaison 
  • Marketing & Promotions
    • Drive UNSW FC awareness and brand proposition across website and social media e.g. social media support 
  • Partnerships & Sponsorship 
    • Grow UNSW FC partnership base and alternative revenue streams

The current term for the Board of Directors will also end on this date and the club will look to nominate and elect a new Board of Directors for 2021. If you wish to nominate or nominate another member please contact president@unswfc.com.au with your nomination. You will be asked to speak to your experience on the night. As per the constitution, the newly elected executive committee may take up to 30 days post the Annual General Meeting to vote in the new Board.  Attached Appendix A is the clauses regarding election of Board of Directors. 

The FY20 General Ledger, profit and loss statement  and 2021 Budget will be emailed to you separately.  We have been independently audited and the full audited report will be presented at the AGM. If there are questions around the audited financials these may be asked during the time allotted. This has been attached separately. 

The agenda for the AGM will be as follows:

  1. Attendance and Proxies (Secretary – Ashlee Sutherland)
  2. Welcome, introduction to the meeting and apologies for absence (President – Robin Chan)
  3. President’s Report (President – Robin Chan)
  4. Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer – Sandra Strati)
  5. Opportunity for questions and discussion
  6. Election of 2021 Executive Committee
  7. Election of 2021 Committee
  8. Nominations for Board of Directors 

Members who are unable to attend the specified date and time above may send proxy votes/nominations to the Club Secretary (secretary@unswfc.com.au). A form will be provided via email and on our website prior to the meeting.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to myself, other members of the Executive or your current representatives for more information.

Kind regards, 

Robin Chan

President UNSW FC 

Appendix A