Registering as a player:

FFA has implemented a NEW registration system, it is called PLAYFOOTBALL, whereby you will be claiming your PLAYFOOTBALL profile (based on the email you registered with in previous seasons).

To register for UNSW Football for season 2020 – Click Here

But read and understand the below first.

You will need to choose your appropriate package:

  1. UNSW Student – $470 *
  2. UNSW Staff / Alumni – $495 *
  3. Non UNSW Student – $ 495 *
  4. General Public Member – $540
  5. UNSW Student Payment Plans – $470 but pay in instalments – see below

‘* Must verify Student ID / Staff ID – note Student members must click “I am a student (tertiary)” to receive correct discount.

Also, the club has absorbed the transaction fee’s for season 2019.

* HARDSHIP / PLAY HALF SEASON – we discount on the following conditions. To activate this select the Student Hardship package to pay your fees.:

  1. UNSW Student Payment Plans  – UNSW students only – Select UNSW Student Payment Plans – we offer the ability to delay payment – ie half upfront then a negotiated plan – email registrar@unswfc.com.au to request this. The full amount will still need to be paid.

Note the above must PAY OFFLINE and 50% must be paid upfront – with a payment plan for the remainder.

  1. PLAY HALF SEASON DISCOUNT – we do offer a $125 discount for members who can only play half a season. This is ONLY for members who come to the club LATE (Session 2) or LEAVE the season early (end of Session 1). This is not to be claimed by members who choose to play only half the matches for the whole season. Please email registrar@unswfc.com.au to confirm this for further information/approval.

WARNING – All requests of hardship must be requested from the Registrar. Please email registrar@unswfc.com.au. We reserve the right to retract arrangements / suspend players if Half season discounts OR student hardship packages were claimed dishonestly.

All members will need to upload a new photo this year as well as ensure they have used their most up to date residential address. Your photo will need to digital passport style and have been taken in the most recent 12 months. Good quality photos from Smart Phones will be fine.

When using the PlayFootball website, please make sure check your Junk or Spam email folders for verification codes and reset password emails. You need to claim your PLAYFOOTBALL account.

Finally, you will be asked several questions about clothing, educational institution, and importantly which team you wish to play for. Please take the time to answer these correctly.

If you have problems uploading your photo – try to register in off-peak times.

Recommend all browsers except explore – best to do from a desktop for the most reliable experience.

Any problems you can:

Registering as a coach, manager or official:

Same as above but no charge – please select the relevant packages, note you can register with multiple packages, ie as manager, coach, referee and OR player from your one PLAYFOOTBALL profile.


How to rotate/edit participant photos

  • If you need to modify any registrant photos for reasons such as the photo was uploaded in the wrong orientation (ie sideways or upside down) or you may want to crop the image:
  1. Find the registrant record you wish to modify
  2. Click Pencil icon to Edit the record
  3. Click on the “Public Profile” tab
  4. Right click on the image and select “Save image as” – select a location on your local PC to save the image (else it saves in Downloads folder)
  • Click on ‘Select Profile Image’ and browse to the location that you saved the photo and Open the file
  • You will then be presented with the editing tools such as crop or rotate image
  • Edit image as required and then ensure you hit BOTH the [save] disk icon and the page [SAVE] button to save the changes