Kick-off Times

There will be four kick-off times per night. Your team’s kick-off time may vary each week so please consult the draw when it is released. You will need to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your kick off time.

Each match will consist of 20 minute halves with a short break in between. There will be no additional time added on if teams are late or for injury as there is a tight schedule of games that we must keep.

Competition Points

Points will be awarded on the following basis and will be used to compile a competition ladder for each division.

  • Win:             3 points
  • Draw:            1 point
  • Loss:             0 points

Forfeits will result in a 3-0 loss for the team. There will also be a $50 fine for any team that forfeits without notifying the competition co-ordinator before midday on the day of the match.

Code of Conduct

The UNSW Football Club expects a high standard of conduct and sportsmanship from every player. Teams that do not uphold this standard will be given a single warning and if the behaviour does not improve will be removed from the competition. A team is responsible for all of its members’ behaviour.

Player Eligibility

It is expected that the vast majority of players will be students or staff of the University of NSW. A maximum of 3 non-student/staff are allowed to play in each team. A player may play in only 1 team per division, but may play in another team from another division. (However, this may result in a player being ‘double-booked’ for a fixture and can only compete in one match at a time. Registration is also per division so they would be required to pay two registration fees),

For mixed divisions, teams must field a minimum of 3 female players at all times.

Dress Regulations

Teams will need to coordinate their shirt colours (i.e. each team must agree on a shirt colour for their players to wear). In the event of a clash, one team will be required to wear bibs which will be available at the fields. Although preferred, it is not necessary that shorts and socks be of the same colour or design. The preferred footwear is moulded football boots, although grass or touch shoes are also considered appropriate. Shinpads are compulsory for all players.

No jewellery of any kind may be worn during a match (this includes watches, rings, earrings or necklaces).

Rained out matches

As the field is synthetic it is unlikely that games will be cancelled due to wet weather, however, if conditions are particularly poor UNSW FC may cancel matches. Your team manager will receive an email if this occurs at the earliest possible time. UNSW FC will do its best to reschedule any rain affected matches but in the event that we are unable to do this the result will be officially recorded at a 0-0 draw.

The referee may also cancel matches if they consider there is a danger to the players or the conditions become unplayable (i.e. electrical storm).

Player Dismissal and Suspension

A referee who sends a player, coach or spectator from the field or playing environs for the remainder of the game must lodge a written report to the Venue Administrator, immediately on the completion of the game. A player sent from the field will incur an automatic 1-match suspension, with no appeal rights. The nominated Team Contact will be notified formally of the suspension by e-mail. In situations where the offence is considered serious by the referee, they can recommend that the Judiciary Committee consider a longer sentence. If this occurs the Team Contact will be notified by a member of the Judiciary Committee within 48 hours.

Should the Judiciary Committee consider that the illegal play or action which resulted in the “send off” or removal warrants a greater penalty, the Committee has the power to extend the period of suspension. Any player, coach, team, referee, administrator, spectator or other person has a right of appeal on any Judiciary Committee hearing decision (not on automatic one week suspensions).


All players when registering for this competition become members of the UNSWFC, and are therefore covered by the university insurance. In the event of an injury the competition steward should be informed on the night so that they may fill out an incident report form and a follow up email should be sent to the competition director ( so the relevant insurance forms may be completed.

Game Rules

The rules of the game are the same as outdoor football, with the following modifications/clarifications.

  1. There is no offside.
  2. There is unlimited interchange.
  3. All entries from the sideline are by kick-ins not throw-ins. Opponents must be at least 3 metres from the ball.
  4. All free kicks are in-direct and defenders must be at least 5 metres from the ball.
  5. There is no marked box, however, the goalkeepers area is a 5 metre semi-circle from the centre of the goal. If the goalkeeper uses their hands outside the area it is a free kick. (It is the referees discretion as to if they have handled outside the box.)
  6. If the goalkeeper handles the ball they cannot throw or kick it over half way on the full (unless they put it back on the ground and play it from there)
  7. Slide tackles are not permitted.