UNSW Elite Athletes and Performers  and Leaders Program (EAPL)

The UNSW Elite Athletes and Performersand leaders Program,  supports students with a flexible entry process that considers both academic and elite achievements and recognises these by awarding adjustment factors (more commonly known as bonus points), for the desired UNSW program.

Elite athletes are defined according to the Australian Sports Commission’s Elite Athlete Friendly University Agreement.

Bonus points are awarded for excellence in a range of approved activities according to the level of expertise reached. For example, five points may be awarded for state and national representative sport.

The EAPL Program also provides eligible students in all study programs the necessary support to successfully integrate their academic life with their sporting pursuits through enrollment flexibility, cross-institutional study options and leave of absence for travel commitments.

For more information on the program visit the  UNSW elite athletes support program website.

Note: An overall maximum of 10 points can be awarded across all the university’s schemes (HSC Plus, EAPL and EAS)

High school students may also be eligible for EAPL bonus points (adjustment factors) that can help them get into their preferred UNSW courses.

Apply here https://www.futurestudents.unsw.edu.au/adjustment-factors-eapl , applications are open until Nov 30th.